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Such a girly girl!

September 10, 2011

Over the past week I tried out a new quant little cupcake/tea shop.

This place was nothing short of a fairy tale. The atmosphere and vibe is something to remember. Reminds you of those little tea parties you would have when you were little with pretty china. Very Marie Antoinette-esque. Beyond ‘girly-girl’, pink and everything I would want my house decor to look like lol.

It was every bit of what dreams were made of…! Boy, did I love this place!

Let Them Eat Cake” (yes, let them!)

Look at the little sugar cubes!

I had a lemon cupcake- it was perfect!

My mom had a chocolate/banana cupcake- She devoured it! 🙂

My future wedding cake 🙂

Their wedding cakes are beautiful!!

Love the black & white cake

You can reserve a day and have a tea party. (with scones, sweets, fruit, teas and etc)

ps. the pictures (poor quality) do not do this place justice

Let Them Eat Cake (Hamilton) has become one of my favorite!

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